But I Thought My Builder Installed Enough Insulation!!

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that statement! 

Let me ask you a simple but critical question: Does your AC run all the time, or at least 85% of the time? If it does, that is a very good indication that you don't have enough insulation in your attic. 

If you take a peak in your attic and you can see the tops of the ceiling joists, you don't have sufficient insulation! In fact, very few homes today have enough insulation...not based on my determination, but that of the DOE (Department of Energy). Insulation is measured in R-values --the higher the R-value, the better your walls and roof will resist the transfer of heat. DOE recommends ranges of R-values based on local heating and cooling costs and climate conditions in different areas of the nation. The map and chart below show the DOE recommendations for your area.

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Creating A Budget For Home Improvement

The following article is reposted from the NARI website....

Money-the one thing that causes more disagreements and stress than just about any other entity. Luckily, creating a budget for your home improvement project does not need to be intimidating or cause World War III in your living room. Just take this simple crash course in everything you need to know about remodeling finance:

How Much Can You Afford?

This question alone is enough to strike fear into anyone's heart. The truth is not many people enjoy establishing a remodeling budget-and many just don't. Many homeowners prefer to call a remodeling contractor and expect him or her to create the budget for them, which is not the best way to begin. How do you start off right? You can begin by taking these four easy steps in the right direction:

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House OKs cash-for-caulkers bill for energy upgrades

WASHINGTON — Homeowners could collect thousands of dollars in cash-for-caulkers rebates for renovating their homes with better insulation and energy-saving windows and doors under a new economic stimulus bill the House passed Thursday.

The Home Star bill, passed 246-161, would authorize $5.7 billion over two years for a program that supporters — mostly Democrats— said would have the added benefits of invigorating the slumping construction industry and making Earth a little cleaner.

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How To Repair A Roof On Your Home


Superior Exteriors Goes to the Next Level!

Every once in a while something or someone comes along just when you need it the most. That is what happened when we were given the opportunity to go to a contractor training with Owens Corning!

Katie Boulton, our rep from Owens Corning, invited us to a two day seminar in Houston on what we thought was going to be primarily a training seminar for AttiCat, a premium insulation that will provide customers with warmth and comfort, plus save on their heating bills.

Well, were we in for a pleasant surprise! Yes, there was some training on AttiCat, but the primary focus was on sales training.

Wow, Rodney Webb was an absolute blessing. The training that he provides is head and shoulders [no pun intended here, as he is at least 6’-8”!!] above anything that is available. It will definitely take our company to the next level, being able to be more of a service to our customers and potential customers than we have to date.

Our sales staff will definitely benefit as well, taking their professionalism to the next level.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures of this great event. You can go there from the link on our home page.

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